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About SlenderWays Blog

SlenderWays  blog is my personal blog in which i share my experience and information about how to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.This blog offers some tips,tricks, struggles and personal anecdotes that i have learned  during a period when i was a overweight and believe me it is one of the hardest thing i had to overcome .

About Me

My name is Lusekelo Hudson( yes that is me in the photo below) and i am the man behind  slenderways.com I am still not married yet,no kids yet,i grew up as those with a little bit more fat than i should have, my entire life i was called fat boy and i hated that.So i made my mission to lose weight and improve my look.Don’t get me wrong nothing is perfect and it is very difficult to lose weight and maintain that,i had a lot of downback but i always stood up (i still do).

lusekelo hudson the owner of slenderways.com

Yes This is Me

About SlenderWays Blog

Before i tell you about this blog,let me tell you what it is not about.This blog is not a medical substitution,before you do anything you read in this blog you should consult your doctor for advice.This blog is for informationa purpose only.Also if you’re looking for how to loose 20 kg overnight,i am sorry to disapoint you,in this blog you will not find such information.

By the way if you’re looking for information on how to lose weight is healthly way and keep it that way for good then you’re at the right place.In this blog i am going to share with you all what i have learned in my long journey,i will share my stories,my experience and stuffs i learnt from other people.So welcome to my blog.

Before you go i want to give you something,it does not matter if you have few extra kilos or a lot of extra kilos,i have this report(it is a pdf so you can read it online or you can just print it and read it).It explains 4 easy yet extremely effective ways to lose weight.In order to download it just fill out the form below and i will send you the download link to the email provided.