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Another way to look at your new year health resolutions

It is that time again,it is a new year and people they start making new year’s resolutions,If you’re like me you will be making your new year health resolutions too.So let us look the another way of looking at your new year health resolutions.

Another way to look at your new year health resolutions

The normal way to look at your health resolutions

If you read many personal developments books you will find out that many of these personal developments gurus they tell you to set up your goal,set up when do you want to accomplish it and visualize it as you already achieved it and start taking action.

All above steps are true,let us say you want to lose 100 pounds that is your goal and you want to achieve it is eight months,then you visualize yourself without those extra 100 pounds and you start working towards your goal and you will achieve it.

But our mind is strange those 100 pounds are too much and you will start having doubts and if after few weeks you don’t see and developments you will eventually give up,and this is the reason why most people they don’t reach their new year health resolutions goals.

In order to avoid that type of mental block you need to take a new approach, so here is the another  way to look at your new year health resolutions.

Another way to look at your new year health resolutions

The other way of looking at your health resolutions is breaking them into small daily actions.This is what i mean,let us take the same example you want to lose 100 pounds in 8 months,the big question to ask yourself if What daily actions i can take to achieve this?.Here is the answer.

We all know that weight loss is  about two things diet and exercises.Make sure you limit your calories intake and do your daily workout routine.So your dailly actions are just two take less calories aka east healthly food and exercise every day this is a very small goal and easy to acomplish and easy to measure.

In a day if you eat healthy and you workout you can count as a win and those day you can’t do them as a loss(trust me we all have these days).All you need to make sure are that your wins are a lot more than your loss and at the end of 8 months you will reach your big goal.

You should always remember that what you do everyday is what you become and not what you do once in a while,so go take small daily actions and in a long run you will see a positive change in your life.

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