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The Perfect Playlist-Best Running Songs

I remember those days i used to run every day,ok i still do but not every day as before,good songs can help you to get motivated and run even faster and/or longer.In this post i am going to share with you my best running songs,that i use everytime i go out running.

The Perfect Playlist-Best Running Songs

I created this play list few years ago but i keep updating it as i find new interesting songs,this is a mixture of latest hits to some classics of the music and they are ideal for the complete workout.

These are my best running songs

Runnin(Lose it All)-Naughty Boy

This is a perfect song if you want to go out and run in the open air

Sax -Fleur East

This is a song  with very marked rhythms which will help you to  get motivated in any trainning session.

Don’t be so hard in yourself-Jess Glynne

This is a nice song to keep you motivated.

Survivor-Destiny´s Child

It is a classical song and most of great athletes use it to motivate themselves.

Stay Awake-Ellie Goulding

Electropop rhythms that will help you to keep running.

Clique-Kanye West

This is a mixture of gansta and street rhythms,very good for workouts.

Hey Ya! Outkast

This is one of greatest songs of all time and it is good for any type of workouts.

To me those are the best running songs,please tell me what are your best in the comment below.