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The war against obesity-It is not rocket science

In the modern society we face a big war,and this is the war against obesity.According to the World Health Organization (WHO), overweight people face a higher risk of a number of health concerns, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

The main problem we have in this modern society is that we move very little and we eat a lot , you can see people behind their computers all day long and then going to sleep.

If they go to school or work they will go with their cars or buses they sit for many hours,they eat unhealth foods,they came back home,they sit on their sofas to watch television while eating something and then they go to sleep.

If we want to win this war against obesity we need to start moving more,this can be by just doing some house works like washing,cleaning etc,jogging,walking around the house and many more.

Also we need to change our eating habits,like stop eating while watching tv,eating health food,eating less sugar enhenced foods and drinking more water.

We can start doing sit ups in the office during lunch time,we can use our cars only when it is necesary or each other day,we can do anything but we need to keep moving around and we can encourage others to do the same if we want to win this war against obesity.

By doing this we can leave happier and health life ,with less diseases,let us spread the word and start winning this war,there is no   magic pills and it is not rocket science we can do this.

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