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The #1 Most Common Food You Should NEVER Cut From Your Diet!

Ever since the 1970’s when folks like Jim Fix with his jogging book and of course fitness icon Richard Simmons began to get the world onto the fitness bandwagon, a lot of information has come through our TV’s about how to lose weight and get … [Continue reading]

Weight Loss Side Effects

Weight Loss Side Effects

There is no a better feeling than what do you feel after reaching your weight loss goals, but seeing the number on the scale drop isn't the only side effect of weight loss. In this post, i am going to give you some weight loss side effects that your … [Continue reading]

Best time of day to exercise for maximum weight loss

I get this question a lot, what is the best time of the day to exercise for maximum weight loss? Is it in early in the morning? is it in the afternoon? or at night? keep reading to find the answer. If you want to get in shape and lose those some … [Continue reading]

Guidelines for Losing Weight

Losing weight is a huge challenge, I know that because I have struggled with this battle for most time in my life. If you have the same struggle as mine, keep reading this post because I have created these simple guidelines for losing … [Continue reading]

Weight Loss Tips From A to Z

Weight Loss Tips From A to Z

Here are my Weight Loss Tips From A to Z enjoy. Aim for a sensible rate of weight loss. While you may lose more at the beginning, you should lose an average of about 2 pounds (lb)/week after the first month or so. Be honest with others … [Continue reading]