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4 things i did to Lose Weight for Good

I have been overweight for a long time in my adult life, I still remember how I used to stay awake most of the nights thinking how I can start losing weight and the next day going for a run or gym losing some weight and after few weeks, I would gain back over.

This cycle continued for a long time, I will get motivated, start going to the gym or running, lose some weight, gain it back and became frustrated again.

One day I decided that I was going to lose weight and I meant it and I lost and never gained it back again( at least not at the same level).That is why in this article I am going to share with you 4 things I did to lose weight for good.

I decided to lose weight

If you read most of the personal development books, they tell you the first step to achieve anything is to have a burning desire to achieve it.

I know I made the decision to lose weight many times in my life and I never achieved it but this time it was different, this time I really meant it, my decision was influenced by two events that happened a short time before making the decision.

First, my baby boy was born and second they doctors told me that I had prehypertension, the prehypertension news really shocked me, the idea of dying early and not being able to see my baby boy growing was too much pain, since that day I decided that I was going to lose weight no matter what.

I stopped eating junk food

One of the reasons that I gained back the weight just after losing it was because of junk food, I was very lazy to cook, so I will go to nearest KFC buy their chicken or sometimes just eat pizza.

I remember days when I ate bread and coca cola for three days in a row, at first it was very difficult, I was feeling hungry and tired all the time(for lack of sugar) but after just three weeks, I started to feel good and I lost almost 2 kg of weight in that period.

I started exercising

After I dropped the junk food my next move was to hit a gym, yes this was difficult one, I remember the day after my first gym session, every part of my body was aching.

When I first started I was going to gym three times per week( now I go five times per week), and I combined it with some walking, I started to go to work by bus and drop one stop before or somedays I would just go on foot.

I was consistent

The main reason that I always gained weight back is that I never did it for a long time, I would start going to the gym and after two or three weeks I would quit and start over.

This time was different, I started going to gym from Monday to Friday no matter what and on weekends, I would go for a one-hour walk. I stopped for good eating junkie food for good.

They say you became what you do every day and not what you do once in a while, for me I think the biggest factor of losing weight was consistent, just make a decision and do it every day if you do it for a year you will be a different being.

Final word

If you read the four things I did to lose weight and keep it off you will realize that, actually I did only one thing and that thing one changing my lifestyle.

Trust me, this is the secret behind permanent weight loss, in his book ‘’7 habits of highly effective weight loss´´, the author Mike Westerda, explains the seven habits you need to change if you want to lose weight.

If you really want to lose weight, I will recommend that you get a copy.



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