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5 common weight loss mistakes that most people make

Many people start out strong when they wish to lose weight. However, with time they give up. Why? The answer is that they do not see results fast enough. In most cases, people sabotage themselves without even realizing it. The 5 common weight loss mistakes are…

1: Not including resistance training as part of their training regimen

Many studies have shown that adding resistance training to your routine will increase lean body weight by one pound per month, in few words strength training helps you burn calories both during and after your workout.

2: Not staying at a caloric deficit

Another common weight loss mistake that most people make is that they do not stay at a caloric deficit for a long time.

The simple weight loss equation is that in order to lose weight you need to burn more calories than the calories you ingest, but more people do not do that long time enough to get the desired results.

3: Letting one small slip up affect them

I like to eat tacos and if you add up with a soda it feels good, so at times I might slip up and treat myself with those, the problem with that is that this can become a habit and it will impact on your ability to lose weight

4: Expecting results fast

We live in an instant gratification society, people want fast results, that is why get quick rich schemes keep appearing, one-day miracle diets keep making owners millions.

The problem with this is that when most people do not lose weight fast, they will assume the method does not work so they will jump into another diet or give up once for all.

5: Not defining their why

There is a book by Simon Sinek called Start with why in this book the author speaks about why it is important to have a reason for each and everything you do.

When you set up weight loss goals you need to state why you need to lose weight, you need to attach an emotion to it and this will help you to keep motivated when things do not go on your way.

That is it those are 5 common weight loss mistakes most people make, what is the mistake or mistakes in this list you have ever made, let me know in the comment section below.

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