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Advantages of being a little bit overweight

This may become a surprise from a blog that dedicated to weight loss but there are some advantages of being a little bit overweight.

Advantages of being a little bit overweight

When I say a lit bit overweight I mean being a few pounds or kilos above your average weight, for example for a person who is 178 cm tall the average weight expected is between 72kg to 76 kg, 80 kg can be considered a little bit overweight, get my idea?

You look more attractive

This is weird but it is true, at least for me, I remember a few years ago I was in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, I was coming from gym, I was like 8kg overweight, when I was crossing hotel Melia Santiago I saw a friend of mine who was Cuban with a tourist from German.

After exchanging few words with that guy from German ( he was a Doctor of medicine) he told me something that stuck in my mind for a long time, ‘’ people who are a few kilos overweight look more attractive to the opposite sex than actually are’’.

It was strange, but after a few years and doing research and looking back on my own life I find this statement to be true.

You recover faster from sickness

I am a very blessed person, I don’t get sick very often but when I do, I used to recover faster when I was overweight compared to the time when I had my normal weight or even underweight.

The first one was my own finding from the comment from that German Dr, but this one is backed with official medical research.

Among people of all shapes and sizes suffering from the same health issues (such as diabetes or heart disease), those who are overweight seem to fare better.

According to a study in “Mayo Clinic Proceedings,” normal and underweight heart disease patients with a low percentage of body fat were more than four times as likely to die from the disease as overweight patients over the course of three years.

You can read more about this here.

This does not mean that go out there, gain weight and do nothing, this means that living healthier and exercising your body is more important than becoming thin, also it means that if you can not lose those last two pounds don´t stress yourself much about them.

Thank you for reading have a great day.




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