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Some Lose Weight Programs Are For The Birds

Have you heard you can lose 10 pounds overnight if you follow this program! That’s why some lose weight programs are for the birds. They will tell you anything just to get your money. Do you remember your Mom or Dad telling you not to believe … [Continue reading]

The Cinderella diet and why it is very dangerous

The internet never stops to amaze me, each day there is some ridiculous trend and in weight loss space there is a new diet called ‘ Cinderella Diet ’. Cinderella Diet has one aim, to look like Disney Princess Cinderella and many people are going … [Continue reading]

4 things i did to Lose Weight for Good

I have been overweight for a long time in my adult life, I still remember how I used to stay awake most of the nights thinking how I can start losing weight and the next day going for a run or gym losing some weight and after few weeks, I would gain … [Continue reading]

Motionless Exercise Believe It Or Not Works

There is so much hype today when it comes to weight loss that it's easy to get confused and distracted. No matter what you may hear on t.v. the truth is you only need two things to lose weight: a good diet and plenty of exercises. There is no … [Continue reading]

Prehypertension, what it causes and how to reverse prehypertension

I still remember when my Dr told me that I might have prehypertension, I news shocked me, but after having a talk with him and did some changes in my life and I reversed it. In this article, I am going to tell you what is prehypertension and what … [Continue reading]