Little Tricks That Will Help You Shed the Belly Fat Faster

Getting rid of your belly fat can be very difficult, that is why I came out with little tricks that will help you to shed the belly fat faster.

Do not expect overnight miracles with these tips but do know that if you follow them, you’ll be helping your body burn more calories in the same period of time. Every calorie counts.

Little Tricks That Will Help You Shed the Belly Fat Faster

1.    Join a team sport

Basketball, karate, soccer, hockey, etc. are all activities that burn calories. The difference between these sports and slogging it out alone in the gym or pounding the tracks on your own is that sports are much more fun and less taxing.

Sometimes, going to the gym or doing cardio daily can get monotonous. You really need a break. That’s where a sport will help. You do not have to do a team sport daily. Just during those times when the normal workouts get boring and you really need something to perk you up.

2.    Skip dinner

This is similar to intermittent fasting. When you skip dinner, your body will have more time to burn calories from its fat stores instead of food.

3.    Add green tea to your diet

Studies have shown that green tea raises metabolism and has many health benefits. Some websites or magazines may say that green tea’s effects are too minute to be counted as beneficial.

Just drink it anyway. It’s good for health and many people have benefitted from it.

4.    Brush your teeth after your last meal for the day

Most of us are conditioned to sleep once we brush our teeth. Once you have eaten your last meal for the day, brushing your teeth will subconsciously tell your body to stop eating. This will prevent late night cravings for snacks or other junk food.

5.    Consume smaller meals spaced at regular intervals

Do not eat 3 large meals that leave you feeling bloated and full. Eat smaller meals and always stop while you are partially full. It takes a longer time for your brain to process the fact that your stomach is full. By the time the signal comes, you may have overeaten.

These 5 tips can really help you to shed the belly fat faster if you follow them. Just remember that it’s ok if it takes time to lose the fat. It took you time to gain it. It’s just the natural order of things.


Health benefits of matcha green tea

Matcha green tea is getting more famous each and every day, the consumption of matcha green tea – powdered green tea of the highest quality – has been a wellness trend for over a millennium.

Matcha green tea from Japan is made from the nutrient-rich new leaves on the tips of shade-grown Camellia sinensis (tea shrub).

Health benefits of matcha green tea

Once picked, these leaves are steamed, stemmed and de-veined before they are stoneground into a fine powder. This is stored away from oxygen and light in order to preserve its bright green color and antioxidant properties.

Here are the Health benefits of matcha green tea:

Boosts metabolism and aids weight loss:

Matcha green tea helps the body burn fat about four times faster than other metabolism aids.

Detoxifies the body and stores antioxidants:

It helps remove heavy metals and chemical toxins, and also fights against the negative effects of free radicals, giving us younger-looking skin.

Relaxes the mind:

This effect is due to the amino acid L-Theanine in the leaves, which encourages the production of alpha waves in the brain that induce relaxation without drowsiness. This makes it especially good for people who are studying for exams and those who must pull all-nighters at work.

Increases endurance:

All green tea contains caffeine, but matcha green tea provides energy that lasts up to six hours from its unique combination of nutrients. There are no side effects.

Boosts immunity:
Just one cup of tea provides substantial quantities of potassium, Vitamins A, and C, iron, protein, and calcium to boost immunity.
Regulates cholesterol:
Drink it regularly for lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and higher levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.
Those are health benefits of matcha green tea, if you want to learn more about the truth of weight loss and get useful weight loss tips please download it here, it is named  10 Fat Loss Truths No One Is Telling You About.

Conflict and Change: Managing Emotional Energy

When you try to lose weight there are a lot of changes, your body, your weight , your emotions etc and those can cause conflicts within yourself.

The reason for this conflict is because our body was designed to protect us so you making all these changes can cause your body to fight back that is why in this article we are going to talk about managing emotional energy so that you can turn your body in a fat burning furnace.

The beginning of a new year, like the beginning of anything, brings with it thoughts of change, rejuvenation, new life, and resolutions about how to accomplish these changes. Life offers possibilities of a fresh start for our relationships. But we don’t always carry through on our resolutions.

There’s a great difference between wanting to change and actually doing it.

It’s one thing to know how we want to be, quite another to be that person. An example most of us can relate to is the way we react to stress and conflict.

In spite of our intentions to do otherwise, we often react to conflict in the same habitual ways. How many times have you walked away from a conflict saying: “I can’t believe it. I did it again. That’s not how I wanted to handle that!”? These habits seem hard-wired.

Can we change our patterning? I think so. With an awareness of the desire to change, we are already beginning the process. We can learn new skills.

And then it’s a matter of time and practice until the new skills become new habits. Not until our body responds automatically will the new behavior really be ours. Until then, we choose it with awareness – the beginning of change.

An important capacity in emotional intelligence is the ability to bring awareness to our emotional energy. With awareness comes an ability to manage that energy. A mind-body skill that is critical to increasing our awareness and choice in the moment is the skill of centering. Most of us talk about being centered (and uncentered), but what is it really?

Scientists say that an object has a center of gravity–a very small point upon which that object can be balanced. Our bodies have a center of gravity, too, and it’s approximately two inches below our navel. Because we are not just physical objects, our center is a point of emotional balance as well.

By breathing deeply into this spot and directing our weight toward the center point, we become more calm, focused and able to handle whatever may come. We reconnect with intuition, purpose, and power, and we feel more confident and in control.

If practiced consistently, the art and skill of centering can change the way we respond to any conflict.

Instead of reacting from old patterns of behavior, we can choose a response based on who we are now. Conflict becomes an opportunity practice, change, learn, and evolve.

Tried and true ways to begin your practice of centering include:

Center now.

You can train yourself to center by standing in a relaxed posture and directing the weight of your body toward your physical center. Breathe into this center point of your body. Breathe out from this same point. You will begin to feel more composed, confident, and in charge of yourself, both physically and emotionally.

Start your day centered.

Physical exercise, deep breathing, meditation, prayer, and quiet reflection are all ways to become more centered. You may have your own way to do it. By starting your day with a centering activity, you will return to the central state more easily as the day’s events unfold.

Create triggers.

Triggers are objects, behaviors, people, or events that remind you to re-center periodically. Place posters or quotations on the wall that reinforce your vision.

Keep a book of affirmations close at hand, or a picture of a loved one to help you remember what is really important. Listen to one of your favorite centering tapes as you drive to and from work. When you push open the door to your office, let it be a trigger to center yourself.

Final words

Most of weight loss diets leave this part about managing emotional energy and almost no one teaches you how to condition your body for permanent weight loss, this is why most people who use those diets solutions either they don’t lose any weight or they gain it back after losing it.

That is why I will recommend the book called think and lose weight as it teaches your the visible part of weight loss as well as the invisible part (using your brain).

The book is only $19.95 and you can get it here.

Conflict and Change: Managing Emotional Energy

Remember that our awareness is always in training. We can learn and practice new skills that can change the way we handle conflict and the way we live. Good luck, and good practice!

Can we change our patterning? I think so. Especially with all the YouTube videos out out there by companies like With an awareness of the desire to change, we are already beginning the process. We can learn new skills.

And then it’s a matter of time and practice until the new skills become new habits. Not until our body responds automatically will the new behavior really be ours. Until then, we choose it with awareness – the beginning of change. When you have a rehabilitation center to facilitate change on your patient’s life, the firm should be accredited. A joint commission agency may be able to help you when you want to get an accreditation and funding for your rehab firm.