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How Many Calories Are In Red Beans And Rice

How Many Calories Are In Red Beans And Rice

Beans and rice are one of the most common staple foods that most families worldwide eat.

In some Asian countries, this is like a daily meal because rice is widely grown in those countries.

Rice forms one of the most essential meals that most people enjoy taking due to its ease of preparation and the fact that it leaves you full for a long, and we can honestly say that it is budget-friendly.

Red beans and rice make a good combo because of the nutritional component in one serving.

Red beans are high in proteins which is essential for bodybuilding, while rice is carbohydrate hence essential to provide energy to the body.

Red beans and rice are mostly served with vegetables on the side to complete the dish.

Red beans are known to contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber, essential components for the body.

But you must realize that? cup of red beans contains 100 calories. White rice also contains about 90 calories.

Many people on a weight loss journey or who are very conscious about their weight tend to wonder how many calories they consume in a plate of rice and red beans.

In this article, we will inform you about the calories present in red beans and rice.

How many calories are in red beans and rice?

Red beans and rice contains a total of 290 calories with close to 8 grams of fat. Red beans are known to be high in calories since they are proteins.

Their total calories when uncooked is 127 calories. The protein present in red beans accounts for approximately 27% of calories.

The starch component in red beans accounts for 72% of calories in red beans. It also contains healthy fibers, which do not account for calories in beans, but they form an essential component for the digestive process.

Rice is a widely consumed staple food in the world, especially in Africa and Asia. Rice is one of the most nutritious foods that form one of the most essential nutrient components for the human body and calorie intake.

Rice is said to provide more than 1/5th of the calories in the human body. With the different varieties of rice grown worldwide, each provides the body with different calories.

White and brown rice have similar nutrition components. Therefore the story about brown rice is healthier than white rice is false.

One hundred grams of rice contains 130 calories. Carbohydrates, a major component of rice, account for approximately 10% of calories while proteins account for 5%. Fats present in rice do not account for any calories in rice.

How many calories are in a cup of cooked red beans and rice?

One cup of cooked red beans and rice contains approximately 250 calories per serving.

This is because a cup of cooked red beans and rice is about 190 grams. Out of these calories, saturated fats form 14%, carbohydrates form 15%, and proteins form 11%.

If cooked, some red beans and rice might have lower calories than others. Scientists also suggest that preparing your cup of rice and beans in a certain way can help reduce the number of calories in your serving, especially by using olive oil in cooking with low heat.

Cooking using kidney beans which contain 109 calories, and long grain white rice, which contains 32 calories, will give you fewer calories of 141 calories for a cup of rice and beans, which can be healthier for your consumption.

Okara and Mung beans are other types of beans that tend to have low calories which you can use to cook your rice and beans meal.

Health nutritionists advise people to consume at least half a cup of healthy red beans and rice to avoid consuming too many calories that might not be healthy for the body.

There are many healthy recipes online that you can follow in preparation for your plate of rice and red beans that can help reduce the number of calories in a cup of cooked red beans and rice.

How many calories are in a large bowl of red beans and rice?

A large bowl of red beans and rice contains approximately 500 to 600 calories. This is like three and ? cups of cooked rice and beans.

The number of calories present in a large bowl of rice and beans can also vary depending on the recipe and ingredients used in the preparation of the meal.

Most of the time, the ingredients used in the preparation of a large bowl of rice and beans are typically low in fats since they are mostly vegetables and spices. This explains why some recipes might have fewer calories than others.

Out of these calories a large bowl of beans and rice, also contains 45 grams of carbohydrates, 8 grams of proteins, 10 grams of fat, and fiber.

These components should not be overlooked since they form an essential component of a healthy diet in a bowl of rice and beans.

Some people tend to cook their bowl of rice and beans separately, and others prefer to mix both rice and beans.

The difference in the number of calories in each category might not be very significant, but the ingredients used might be what brings the vast difference.

How much is a serving of red beans and rice?

The cup of white rice is approximately 217 calories and 0.68 grams of fat. This serving also contains 32% of carbohydrates and 15% of proteins, which are significant for the proper functioning of the body.

A serving of rice and red beans also contains 60% water since rice consumes a lot of water during cooking.

A serving of red beans and rice can also contain fiber, which is essential for proper digestive movement and helps reduce constipation and for proper bowel movement.

According to scientists, you should consume at least 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men daily for a healthy body.

This shows that consuming one serving of rice every day is good since it’s not too many calories that can affect your body.

In fact, consuming rice and beans is very healthy since it contains proper nutrients per serving.

Is eating red beans and rice healthy?

Rice and red beans are considered to be very healthy since these are plant proteins and starch, which do not contain added fats that can cause saturated fat in the body.

People who consume a plate of rice and red beans at least twice every week stand to benefit in the following ways.

Weight loss

Rice and red beans have been associated with weight loss by many nutritionists due to their low-fat components.

Rice and beans are also very high in protein, which means that you will feel full for a long.

Hence you will not be tempted to consume snacks in between meals that can be full of saturated fats that are capable of adding abdominal fat.

People on a weight loss journey should consider consuming more rice and beans for proper weight loss.

High fiber for digestion

Fiber is essential for proper digestion to take place in the body. The fiber in rice and beans helps in breaking down food smoothly, thus promoting regular bowel movement.

It is also known to regulate blood sugar, and it is also known for promoting gut health. Rice and beans contain 14% of fiber, which is very important for the proper digestion of food.


Rice and beans are important antioxidants that are essential to protect you from aging effects.

The human body requires antioxidants to protect the body cells from damage and other health conditions like cancer, diabetes, and kidney problems.

One serving of red beans and rice helps boost health and reduces the chances of contracting diseases.

Excellent source of proteins

Rice and beans are a great source of proteins for your body since your body needs proteins for bodybuilding.

One serving of rice and beans contains approximately 72% of proteins which helps boost the body with proteins essential for proper growth of the body.

Proteins also help in strengthening the cells in the body for easy repair of tissues in the body.


Other than benefiting the body, rice, and beans is known to be essential for cost saving.

Many families, when they are low on finances, they tend to consume rice and beans since it’s cheap to purchase these commodities.

In other countries, it is referred to as poor man’s meat because it contains the same proteins present in meat.

If you are looking to save on expenses, adding rice and beans to your diet can help in cost saving.

Final words

Rice and red beans contain approximately 250 calories for 1 cup. The calories present in a serving of rice, and red beans can also vary depending on the method used in its preparation and the ingredients used to prepare the meal. Besides that, rice and red beans contain important nutrients that can benefit the body.

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