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How Many Calories In A McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger

How Many Calories In A McDonald's Double Cheeseburger

While heading out to Mcdonalds, is cheeseburger often your favorite treat? Do you love the menu but still want to pick the healthiest items from the lot? Do you want to know how many calories you consume from a regular double cheeseburger? Are you looking to find out how many calories in a McDonald’s double cheeseburger? Well, we will find that out and more in the following few sections.

How many calories are in a Mcdonald’s double cheeseburger? 

If you love your double cheeseburger from Mcdonald’s you’ve probably wondered about its calorific content at some point. In this section, we will give you your much-awaited answer.

Typically, your double cheeseburger will come with 400 calories. If this seems like way too much, wait for it: the burger also contains as much as 23 grams of different combined forms of fat.

Interestingly, 11 types of this fat are highly saturated with equally high sodium content. If you are sticking to the regular 2000 calorie diet, it is crucial to stop yourself from having excessive saturated fat which usually refers to the foods that contain it.

Make sure the amount of saturated fat is at least seven percent or lower than your usual intake of calories.

It is important to understand that this is more than 50% of the saturated fat a healthy human should consume daily.

The double cheeseburger, as we mentioned earlier, also contains a high amount of sodium like every other common fast food.

The overall sodium content of this burger is 1360 mg which is more than 60% of the ideal high threshold.

Is double Cheeseburger from Mcdonald’s healthy?

While you can’t typically categorize Mcdonald’s items as textbook healthy some of them are healthier than others.

With a McDouble, you are getting two well-cooked and seasoned beef patties. The fat and calories might seem high, but with 23 grams of full protein that doesn’t seem like the unhealthiest option.

Regardless, you can also try alternatives that are healthier than your Mcdouble. In case you are willing to stick to your double, you might want to try our suggested exercises at the bottom of this article.

What is the lowest calorie Mcdonald’s meal?

Now that you know about the calorific content of an average double cheeseburger, you’re probably wondering which meal from the brand has the lowest calorie.

In this section, we will dig deeper into the topic and find out which meal stands out from the rest concerning the health quotient.


Probably the meal with the lowest calorie would be a regular hamburger, which, as opposed to the double cheeseburger, has only 250 calories.

The biggest highlight of this burger is probably its 12 gm of protein content that will keep you filled up for the longest time. What’s more, you wouldn’t experience any major food cravings either.

If you are serious about eating a low-calorie diet, make sure you avoid the cheese, and team up the burger with fruit (mainly appl) slices.

This is an excellent alternative to fries, and like the burger itself, the apples will keep you full for the longest time.

What is the healthiest thing to order from Mcdonalds?

If you are looking for a healthy option at Mcdonald’s you might want to check out the hamburger that we already discussed in the previous section.

In case you’re looking for alternatives you might want to try the Mcnuggets meal from the brand.


This is an excellent low-calorie meal and is even better if you’re fond of lean meat like a chicken. Every McNugget meal with six nuggets comes with 250 calories against every serving.

That is why it is a great option if you’re struggling to lose those extra pounds but still can’t leave the comfort of fast food.

Like the Hamburger that came with a protein content of 12 grams, the Mcnuggets meals take it a notch night 14 gms of protein content against every serving. You can team it up with your favorite spices and sauces for an extra burst of flavor.

Again, you also need to choose the dips carefully if you are focused on the calorie content. We suggest low-calorie options like barbeque or any sauce with an element of sweet and sour over popular choices like cream or ranch-based drips.

What is the healthily alternative to Mcdonald’s double cheeseburger?

If you’re looking to go healthy with your burgers, we suggest something like a filet of fish. Because fish doesn’t come with high amounts of fat like beef, you can easily have your meal within 329 calories or less depending on the types of sauces you choose.

What we love about the burger is the fact that it is also low in sodium content, something that you wouldn’t probably expect from a fast-food chain.

If you get this meal without the tartar sauce and the cheese, the sodium level is as low as 370 mg.

The protein amount is a decent 14 gms. To top it off, the burger contains crucial minerals like iron among others. The meal is filling and while it’s not beef with a cheesy sauce, it is still just as tasty and filling.

How long does it take to lose calories gained after eating at Mcdonald’s Double Cheeseburger?

Considering that you run at an average pace, you would need a solid 40 to 60 minutes of running or other cardio to lose 400 calories.

If you have a treadmill and can set a higher walking speed, you can burn the calories even faster.

Alternatively, you can try swimming for 45 minutes or a bicycle ride for 40 to 40 minutes to burn the entire calories off.


Now that you know how many calories, you’re consuming from a double cheeseburger, just make sure you exercise to burn those calories off.

Additionally, because we have listed the healthiest options from the lot, you also know what stands ahead of others.

In case you can are comfortable trying these alternatives, you might have to exercise less because the overall calorie content is low in some of the options.

Either way, make your pick and do your regular cardio and other recommended exercises to stay fit and healthy all way round.

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