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How Many Calories in a Philadelphia Roll?

How Many Calories in a Philadelphia Roll?

How many calories in a Philadelphia Roll?

If you love going to a sushi bar, you probably have come across or tried a Philadelphia roll. It is clear from the name itself that it is not the usual traditional Japanese sushi that you have seen but a westernized product designed to entice foreigners with its heavenly tastes.

But do you know how many calories this tasty product is made with delicious salmon cream cheese? That is what we are going to find out in this article.

How many calories are in one Philadelphia roll?

A Philadelphia roll contains about 41 calories, including 30 percent of fat, 11 percent proteins, and 59 percent carbs.

How many calories are in a six-piece Philly roll?

A 6 piece Philly roll has about 260 calories. Fats take up the most considerable percentage of 48.5%, about 14 grams. It includes saturated fat 6 grams, cholesterol 40 milligrams, and sodium 420 mg (18%).

Carbohydrates occupy 24 grams, that is, net carbs 23 grams, sugar 1 gram, and fiber 1 gram (4%)

Proteins, on the other hand, occupy 9 grams.

You can break vitamins and minerals into these parts. Vitamin A 30 milligrams (4%), vitamin C 3.6 milligrams (6%) Calcium 40 milligrams (4%), Iron 4.5 milligrams (57%).

How many calories in an eight-piece Philadelphia roll?

An eight-piece Philadelphia roll contains about 326 calories. Which include fats 10.46 grams (30%), carbs 47.23 grams (59%), and protein 8.7 grams (11%)

Total fats, which occupy 13 percentages include saturated fat 6.182 grams, Trans fat 0gram, polyunsaturated fat 0.588 grams, and Monounsaturated fat 3.079 grams.

Total carbohydrate percentage has Dietary fiber 0.7 grams (3%) and sugar 5.43 grams.

Cholesterol is 33 milligrams, sodium is 810 milligrams.

Vitamins and minerals include vitamin Calcium, 44 milligrams, Potassium 151 milligrams, Vitamin A 109 mcg, and Vitamin C, 1.2 milligrams.

Is Philly Roll Healthy?

There is a connection between good nutrition and weight loss success when you understand that you are what you consume for your stomach. Therefore, you must follow a good diet plan, and Philly roll will aid you.

Philly roll happens to be great for your balanced diet because it has a good balance proportion of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

You can have a problem when consuming a large share of carbs since each bite can contain a more significant portion of rice.

Another type of Philly role may contain more fats than others, or some may have no fat entirely.

Philly’s role is also healthy because it is made with foods rich in nutrients such as fresh vegetables, seaweed, and avocados.

The fish in it is an excellent source of protein, iodine, and a decent amount of minerals and vitamins. Apart from that, it is a good source of vitamin D.

We also need to remember that fish also has Omega 3 fatty acids, crucial in body and brain development.

Eating oily fish helps prevent autoimmune diseases, vision, and memory loss when you reach old age and depression.

Another crucial ingredient that makes Philly roll a healthy dish is wasabi. This paste made from a chafed stem of Eutrema japonicum can be served along with the Philly roll.

It has a great flavor that you can consume in small amounts. Wasabi can be categorized in the same family as mustard, horseradish, and cabbages.

Wasabi is so rich in isothiocyanates, glucosinolates, and carotene, which contain antibacterial, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties to help your body fight diseases.

Due to the scarcity of these plants globally, many restaurants are using its imitation version made by combining green dye, horseradish, and mustard powder.

You can also adopt the same at home, but it will not have the same nutritional properties as the actual plant.

Nori is a type of seaweed that is used to roll sushi. It contains different nutrients such as calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, thiamine, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, and E.

Additionally, this dry weed stem contains 44 percent of proteins compared to other high-protein plants like soybeans.

Nori also contains other compounds necessary to fight viruses, inflammation in the body, and even cancer. However, they are available in too low quantities to significantly affect the body.

Pickle ginger is another crucial ingredient that makes this food healthy. Usually, the sweet pickled ginger is used for cleansing your palate in between the pieces of sushi.

It is a good source of manganese, potassium, copper, and magnesium. Also, ginger has properties that help protect your body against bacteria and viruses.

Studies show that when you consume ginger-rich dishes, your memory will improve, and it will help reduce nausea, menstrual pain, muscle pain, arthritic pain, and even cholesterol levels in the body.

Lowest calories sushi rolls-Health alternatives to Philadelphia roll

The lowest sushi roll is the avocado roll to consume for health purposes. It has the lowest calories because it is among the roles you can order without any difficulty.

An avocado roll has 140 calories, including 5.7 grams of fat, 2.1 grams of protein, and 28 grams of carbohydrates.

How much do you need to exercise to burn calories after eating Philadelphia roll?

When you have consumed one piece of Philadelphia roll, which can contain 41 calories, you can engage in these exercises for 5 minutes to burn between 40 and 100 calories.

They include walking upstairs to burn 40 calories cross-fit exercise 42 calories. Kickboxing will help you burn 50 calories, burpees about 44 calories.

Cycling is a good exercise for 12-14 mph to cut 43 calories. Kettlebell swing exercise will help you shade 100 calories; running for five mph is excellent to cut about 42 calories.

Exercise to help you cut calories between 260 and 810 calories after consuming 6 and 8 piece Philly roll include:

You are going for a vigorous cycle class in a group. For 45 minutes of exercise, you can shade around 700 calories. Other exercises to consider are high-impact step aerobics.

You run for an hour at five mph, do vigorous martial arts, or lap swim for an hour. Walking for 60 minutes per day can help you cut about 400 calories which you do it religiously for a week.

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