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How to lose weight fast without exercise

In this article, you will learn how to lose weight fast without exercise, for me, weight loss is 80%, what you eat, and 20% exercise, so in order to lose weight fast, you will need to control what and when you eat and do some kind of exercises. 1. … [Continue reading]

List of Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie foods are the type of food that requires more energy to digest the food than the energy provided by the food itself. To be honest there is no scientific evidence supporting the idea that any food is calorically negative. So here I … [Continue reading]

paleo diet food list

Probably you are new in this paleo diet, or you just want to try paleo diet and you have no idea how to get started, then you’re in the in the right place because in this post I created a paleo diet food list that can help you to get … [Continue reading]

5 Healthy Drinks To Add To Your Diet

When people get tired of drinking water, they often choose to drink sodas or other types of unhealthy drinks filled with overwhelming amounts of sugar. Although it’s completely normal to get sick of water from time to time, you should be more careful … [Continue reading]

Overweight Teenage Diet Plan for overweight teenage boys that work

Overweight Teenage Diet

If you have an overweight teenage son or he is heading that way you should be looking at diet plans for overweight teenage boys.In this article, I am going to go through overweight teenage diet plan for your overweight teenage son Studies show … [Continue reading]