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28 Weight Loss/Fad Diets Authority Resources References

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The World’s Most Scary Diets

People will go to great lengths to lose weight. And many diets offer you extreme weight loss with minimal effort. Those diets are usually scams, but it doesn’t stop people from falling victim to them. Unfortunately, not all scams just make you … [Continue reading]

Is Junk Food Ruining Your Body?

Ever since we were little children, we have been told that junk food is bad for us and that it is important to moderate the amount of junk food we take in. Many people see junk food as the reason they are overweight, and there are some people who … [Continue reading]

10 Key Foods To Add To Your Weight Loss Plan

We are all aware of the foods that cause weight gain, but many people are unaware there are foods that can aid in weight loss. Many people tend to focus on the foods they need to cut out of their diet, instead of focusing on the foods to … [Continue reading]

How To Make Healthier Choices At The Drive Thru

When you are trying to stick to a healthy diet, ordering from a drive-thru can be frustrating and confusing and is often something people try to avoid. Sometimes, though, life happens and you are left with either going with the convenience of a quick … [Continue reading]