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10 best vegetables for weight loss

Eating vegetables is one of the best ways to lose weight, but not all vegetables are equal, some of them can actually harm your body.There are some of them you should never eat, you can watch the video that explains why here. That is why I created a … [Continue reading]

Military Diet: Meal Plan, Benefits Of Military Diet & Risks

They are a lot of diets out there, today I am to give a look at military diet, I am going to cover everything, from the meal plan, benefits of military diet and the risks associated with it. What Is the Military Diet? The military diet is a … [Continue reading]

Fat Burning Furnace Review

Losing weight can be a never-ending battle and sometimes you need help to do so, in my experience i have tried a lot of weight loss programs and I got mixed results. In this post, i am going to give you my fat burning furnace review and how i see … [Continue reading]

Qualitative Research Findings about Weight Loss

Here are some conclusions reached after qualitative research about weight loss in the United States of America. These various health and research institutions did researches and came to these following conclusions. Most people consider exercise … [Continue reading]