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Home » Prehypertension, what it causes and how to reverse prehypertension

Prehypertension, what it causes and how to reverse prehypertension

Prehypertension, what it causes and how to reverse prehypertension

I still remember when my Dr told me that I might have prehypertension, I news shocked me, but after having a talk with him and did some changes in my life and I reversed it.

In this article, I am going to tell you what is prehypertension and what I did to reverse it. Keep reading.

Has your doctor told you that you might have prehypertension? If you are curious about what prehypertension is and how to treat it, read on.

What is prehypertension?

Prehypertension is a condition when blood pressure values are above normal or optimal levels. The WHO (World Health Organization) classifies prehypertension as a blood pressure reading that measures between 120/80 and 139/89.

A person is considered to have prehypertension if the systolic pressure (top number) is between 120 and 139 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) or if the diastolic pressure (bottom number) is between 80 and 89 mmHg.

If one is in the range and the other is not in the range you take the higher one.

What causes prehypertension?

Medicine Experts, do not know with certainty what causes the blood pressure to rise from its optimal levels but they do believe it most of the time is due to lifestyle choices such as a lack of exercise and poor diet habits.

In addition, there are studies that show that too much salt and alcohol can increase blood pressure too.

What are the symptoms of prehypertension?

Prehypertension normally does not show any symptoms and for this reason, it is very hard to detect without regular blood pressure measurements.

Only extremely, high blood pressure, in rare cases, manifests itself symptomatically through headaches, visual changes, fatigue, or dizziness.

how to reverse prehypertension

The question I get most of the time is can prehypertension be reversed? Here is my answer.

As I said above, prehypertension normally does not show any symptoms and it can be very difficult to know if you have this condition.

If you know that, you have prehypertension then it is good news because now you can do something about it and reduce the risk of having a heart attack by practicing the following healthy habits. Here are 7 ways on how to reverse prehypertension.

Eat healthy foods


I am a big believer that food can cure diseases. Make sure you are getting plenty of heart-healthy foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, and lean proteins.

When I stopped drinking soda and other junk foods I saw a rapid change in my blood pressure levels. In addition, it is important to eat food with low salt.

Move your Body

I remember when they told me that I had prehypertension I was very worried and I decided to walk for 6 km and when I went back home and took shower, I decided to check out my blood pressure level and to my shock, it dropped by 10mm of Mercury.

I do not say you will get a massive change what I am trying to tell you here is that if you start moving for 3-6 hours per week you will see massive results.

Just combine eating healthy food and walking and you will see changes in just a few days.

Lose weight

I remember I hit the panic button and walked out for more than 80 minutes and one week after I hit the gym.

You do not have to do that, to be honest with you if you are getting more exercise and choosing healthier food, you will start to lose weight without even trying.

Extra pounds increase strain on the heart and negatively affect cholesterol levels. Losing as few as 10 pounds can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Limit alcohol

I don’t drink alcohol, so this was not an issue for me but studies show that women should consume no more than one alcoholic drink each day, and men should have no more than two each day.

Reduce stress

Occasionally stress does not cause prehypertension but chronic stress or if you have, stress in a prolonged time can be bad for your health.

For me, I was robbed and lost everything I mean I had literally no place to live, not enough clothes and a lot of bills to pay, working an underpaid job, and above all, I was expecting a baby.

I was stressed all the time; I stopped doing exercises and ate anything to feel my stomach.

I started reducing stress by doing things I enjoy and going to the gym really helped to raise my mood, start a new business, and increase my income.

OK, maybe reducing the amount of stress in your life is not feasible, but it is possible to better manage it. Find an activity, such as kickboxing or yoga, that helps you de-stress. Or, try keeping a journal or practicing gratitude.

Quit smoking

I never smoked in my life so for me I did not have this problem but my Dr suggested to me this as a method of reversing prehypertension.

If you smoke, try to kick the habit (or at least cut back). If you do not smoke, avoid secondhand smoke as much as you can.

Treat sleep apnea

It is estimated that about 12 million Americans have sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening disorder in which throat tissue collapses, blocking the airway.

Sleep apnea is a risk factor not only for HBP but also for heart failure, diabetes, and stroke. If you suspect you may have sleep apnea, talk with your doctor about treatment options.

Final world on prehypertension

If you are worried about prehypertension or want a better way to monitor your progress towards healthier blood pressure levels, Omron BP742N 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff that fits Standard and Large Arms

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