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Simple Weight Loss Equation

After losing weight a had a lot of people asking me, how did you do it? what is the secret? Here is the answer, I had I simple weight loss formula that I followed, the formula is very simple such that anyone can follow. This is my simple weight loss equation: MEAL. I will explain below.

Simple Weight Loss Equation


M stands for Move. You have to move to lose weight, many experts suggest that you should do at least 10,000 steps/day. You don`t need to do this from the first day, you can start small, take small steps then increase them gradually.


M stands for Eat, you should never follow a diet that restricts you from eating, my recommendation is you should eat 5-6 small portions of controlled meals/snacks a day.


A Stands for Avoid, you should avoid food that contains a lot of sugar, also you I will recommend to cut down on soft drinks and soda. Watch out for the five food that you should avoid.


L stands for Lose, you should lose   your misconceptions about diets and make a lifestyle change, an example of misconceptions is that most people believe that all fat is bad fat, and this is not true,also there is this mentally part, most people they don’t believe that they can lose weight and guess what they never do, you’re what do you think about all the time, if you want to lose weight you should change your beliefs and lifestyle.

Final words

This is my simple weight loss equation, that i used to lose weight and kept it off.

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