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Weight Loss Side Effects

There is no a better feeling than what do you feel after reaching your weight loss goals, but seeing the number on the scale drop isn’t the only side effect of weight loss. In this post, i am going to give you some weight loss side effects that your body and mind may go through.

Weight Loss Side Effects

You will need to drink more water

You will reach a point when If you don’t drink enough water on a given day it will feel like death. This is because fat cells hold a lot of water in reserve. Also, high sodium intake increases water retention, so if you’re eating nothing but fast food and TV dinners, you might not feel like drinking as often. And when you lose weight you don’t have those anymore and you will need to drink a lot of water to compensate it.

You will feel colder

This happened to me, I used to go out in cold environment with just a T-shirt and jeans and I used to be fine, after losing weight I started to feel really cold. This is due to the fact that your body stores fat under the skin and fat is not a good conductor of heat so it kind protect you from feeling cold.

You will have a loose skin

When you lose a large amount of weight in short period of time, your skin can become loose, this is due to the fact that some fat was stored under the skin and now it is gone, still can be frustrating at times.

You will lose some friends

When you become skin you will realize that some people who used to hang out with you, only they did it to make them feel better about themselves.

I know it sounds terrible but it is true and when you start your journey they will discourage you if you make it they will soon realize that the only thing they had better than you, it is gone and they will be gone too.

You won’t  snore

There is a relationship between being overweight and snoring, for most people when you lose weight and your snoring problem will be gone.

You will feel stronger

One of the benefits of losing weight is that you will start to have more energy and you will feel stronger, if you have kids you will find out that you don’t feel very tired when you play with them.

You will get more attention

When you get skin you will become more attractive and you will start attracting more attention especially from the opposite sex.

The society lets us believe that looks they don’t matter and that is a lie, your looks matter, when you became skin you will find out that even people who never looked at you now they salute you every time they see you.

Your passport and driving license

If you look significantly different in your biometric passport photo and how you look today, you tend to get stopped at airport security. You will need to explain to those officials that you lost weight that is why you look different.

You will need to buy new clothes

Yes, you will need to get rid of your ‘fat clothes ‘, you will need to buy new clothes. Meaning, except for socks, you will have to replace your entire wardrobe because your “fat” clothes would be falling off of you.

Final words

Those are some weight loss side effects you will face when finally you lose that last extra pound, but the more important of all you will feel more confident and stronger.

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