Qualitative Research Findings about Weight Loss

Here are some conclusions reached after qualitative research about weight loss in the United States of America. These various health and research institutions did researches and came to these following conclusions.

Qualitative Research Findings about Weight Loss

Most people consider exercise and eating healthy are the right way to lose weight.


Dieters often recognize that chasing dietary habits is necessary.


38% of United States households have a member dieting for appearance (vanity) reasons and 23%, they diet for health reasons.


Although there is a recognition that losing weight can require effort, deprivation is not an idea appealing to anyone.


Some people are motivated than others and some are more health oriented than others are but overall people do not want to have to feel bad while trying to lose weight.

Those are some research findings about weight loss, how many of them are appealing to you? Let me know in the comment section below.


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