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What is the best time to run?

I got asked today, what is the best time to run? It is in the morning, afternoon, or night? Here is my answer on this question.

Running brings many of the health benefits to your health and it is true that working out and any time of the day is good time for it.

Also, it is true that doing these aerobic activities in the morning, in the afternoon or at evening has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is the best time to run?

Running is the morning

If you chose to go for a run in the morning the air will be more fresh (unless you live in a very contaminated area) ,you will get better physical conditions, you will have a very clean mind and probably you will find few people on street so less obstacles.

However, in the morning your muscles will be more tense and rigid so probably you will need longer time to warm up before starting to run.

Running in the afternoon

If you chose to run on the afternoon, you will have the most energy reserve and you can take an advantage in the space between morning and evening.

Also, this will help you to reboot your energy and not to fill very tired on your after-lunch work or projects.

The disadvantage of running in the afternoon is that in most areas the sun will be at the peak that can cause you to dehydrate and sun rays can be harmful to your skin.

Running in the evening or night

Running at the late hours of the day can be helpful if you look to relax, especially if you had an exceedingly difficult day. Also, this is the perfect time to run for those who are busy almost all day.

The bad side of running late in the day is that it might start to get dark and this can cause you to fall or slip. Also, I there are more people movements at this time, make sure you run in a less dense area.

So, what is the best time to run? For me it depends on individual schedule, let me know for you what is the best time you like to run? Leave your answer in the comment section below.











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